"After Hours @ Day Rates"

Ask about any of these parts that Doctor Undo Computer Repairs can supply, configure and install for a more enjoyable computer experience:

Increase your storage by adding an extra hard drive, If your computer's a Laptop an external hard drive could be the solution.

If your computer takes forever to load windows you may need more of what is called RAM or "Memory" in your computer, this will allow your computer to run more programs at the same time reducing the instances of locking up and blue screen errors.

There are millions of software titles for everything you may need or think of, simply tell our technician what you'd like the software to do and you will be recommend the right software for the job. 

Printers come in many different shapes, sizes and economy's, work out what types of things you like to print and how much you print a week to find out the best printer to suit your needs and save you time and money on ink.

  • General cleaning and speeding up of your computer to prolong it's usefulness
  • On your computers hardware eg. Hard drives, Memory, CPU etc.
  • Recovery and backup of data eg. Quickbooks files, Word and Excel Documents, Family Photo's
  • Troubleshooting browsers that don't load web pages and email that won't send or receive
  • Getting peripherals to function properly eg. Modems, Printers, IPods etc.
  • Cleaning off your PC's dustballs, grease and food remains{jcomments on}

  I can assist you with:

  • General use of Microsoft Windows XP, Vista & 7
  • Locking down your computer against Viruses, Spyware and Hackers
  • How to create use and modify spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel
  • How to create documents that print within margins using Microsoft Word
  • Setting up a wired or wireless network, sharing files, printers and internet
  • Basic use and implementing Ubuntu Linux for your IT needs